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      He turned on her almost fiercely, his lips curled back from his teeth in a sneer.He did. She was laying the supper while Mrs. Backfield finished mending a curtain upstairs, when he marched suddenly into the room. He had come in from the yard, and his clothes smelt of the cow-stalls and of the manure that he loved. His face was moist; he stood in front of her and mopped his brow.

      "It's wunnerful ..." he murmured, "all that great big dark Moor, wot's going to be mine."

      "And so are you."

      Tilly had private affairs of her own which occasionally led her out on Boarzell of an afternoon. She always took her sewing, for she dared not be behindhand with it. Strangely enough, in spite of Jemmy's and Tilly's truancies, the work was somehow got through as usual, for shortcomings would have been found out and punished on the master's returnor worse still, he might have stayed at home. For the first time a certain [Pg 219]freemasonry was established between the brothers and sisters. Hitherto their rebellion had been too secret even for confederacy, but now some of the crushing weight was lifted, and they could combineall except Peter, who was too much Reuben's man for them to trust him; luckily he was rather stupid. So Peter did not see and no one else took any notice if Caro read and wept over sentimental novels, or Jemmy brought home harbour mud on his shoes, or George, who was delicate and epileptic, slept away an hour under a haystack, or Richard pondered the Iliad, or Tilly ran out on the Mooreven though she went to meet Realf of Grandturzel."I've changed my mind."

      A horn of wine being handed to Oakley, he took his seat at the table; and when about a dozen men had joined them,"What are you staying for?I reckon the master wants you."


      Sometimes they looked in the hedges for birds' nests, or watched the rabbits skipping in the dusk. They would gape up at the stars together and call the constellations by names of their ownOrion was "the gurt tree," and Cassiopeia was "the sheep trough," and Pegasus was "the square meadow."